History of Naziru sarkin waka



Nazir Ahmed


NAME: Naziru Ahmed


INKIYA: the king of music.


BIRTH: 4 September 1986




Naziru ahmed the singer who is known as the king of waka who was a singer and the prince of Hausa singers who was appointed by king sunusi lamido sunusi in 2018 and a writer director producer and actor in Shirin nabarana a long film.


WOMEN: [2] two


CHILDREN: [5] five




OCCUPATION: Musician, Filmmaker, Businessman.


LANGUAGE: bahaush


STATE: I know


TOWN: I know


COUNTRY: Nigeria



Naziru Ahmed, who is better known as the King of Music or Naziru,

He was born in Kano state, Kano local government in Kano city in the year 1986 on the fourth of September.


That is 4 September 1986.



Then Kuma grew up in the state and here he manages his daily affairs.




Then naziru ahmed sarkin waka started his studies from primary school level

Then he studied from primary level to secondary level all over Kano state.


Then he was the creator of (the Qur’an) the Great.



Then naziru ahmed king of waka used to have two wives.


Then he had five sons and five daughters.


And He is sitting with all of them in the city of Kano.


Then he was a younger brother

*musbahu m ahmed, who was also famous in the music of the past.


And of course he was the younger brother

* Aminu Saira, who is also a farmer, also works as a director and film producer.




And naziru the king of music, as he explained, he started thinking about music when he was a little boy and he had the opportunity to develop his musical talent when he was young because he had a piano at home, that is why he was eager to sing the songs of different singers like them.

* Jacob Muhammad

* Mudasseer Kasim

* Misbahu m ahmed who was his brother and his brother


But after entering the Kannywood industry, as he had planned before he started singing, he started editing movies and his first song was called.

• Musnad


Then he sang many songs, about 100 to two hundred and 200 of them.

• Thank God

• University girl

• Private

• sunusi lamido sunusi

• a city

And so on.


Then naziru ahmed king of waka, although he has been appearing in music videos for a long time, but he started appearing in a full program in 2020 in a long-term program that is being broadcasted on north station 24 mesuna.

_ my story.

Then he was the producer of the movie and his brother Aminu Saira was the director of the program

And as they have outlined, the Program includes entertainment, education, and information, among others.




and the singer Naziru Ahmed, who is known as the king of music, who is the most skilled in the kingdom’s songs


After all, he is an expert in wedding songs and movie songs as well as political songs so that even in 2022 he will release a song with the title of his name.

• we lost fire. who is the candidate for the presidency of Nigeria under the PDP party that is

* Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the election to be held in 2023.


But his royal songs and his political songs that can be called impossible because they played an important role in reaching the level he is now in the roof of the house and the welfare of life.


And in the kingdom of politics and politics, he sang songs like them.

• then we lost the fire • the women were killed • sunusi lamido sunusi • the new king • the king Ado Bayero • the king of Zazzau

And so on.



Then the singer naziru king of music
He made songs for movies, politics and kingdoms, and his songs for many festivals are more than 100 to 200 like them.
• the new king
• a city
• sunusi lamido sunusi
• King Ado bayero
• the king of Zazzau
• a city
• mati and lado
• Thank God
• Private
• then we lost fire to the APC which was atiku abubakar
• downloadable files
• Kano road
• Jarman Wudil • Hadiza • University girl
• women who wear clothes
• Sarkin Das
• Musa Jidda • daughter of Fatima
• Omar Tuwa • Abdallah • Ahmed Musa Baller
• her trunk is married • lamido
• Muhammad Rahmaniyyah
• circle • love.
• My story • Mai mala buni • Nasir Yusuf Gagunu
• Jigawa tomorrow belongs to God mustapha sule lamido
• Voting card • Lock and key
• muchanja chaji
• Eid Masta • Here is the Eid for Bazoum • Allah muntuba • anatayi we taja
• Ammasco • The Chinese Festival • Stephen Maduwa • Want to prove it
And so on


Then the music section sang songs with singers like them
* singer Musbahu m ahmed
* singer Ali Jita
* Singer Tijjani bandu
* The singer knows well.
And so on.

Then in the movies, he made movies with actors like them.
* hero Yusuf saseen
* hero Fati washa
* Actress Nafisa Abdullahi
* hero Isah Feroshkhan
* hero Aliartwork
* hero Hadizan saima
* heroine Saratu Gidado
* Hero Tijjani faraga
* Actress Hajjara Usman
* Hero nuhu abdullahi
* Heroine Ummi Karama
* Hero Muhammad Bala
And so on.

Then the poet received many honors and awards like them.
_ best singer in 2013
And so on.
With praise and thanks he gets from different people

Then he used to get gifts from different people for different things.
• car
• cash prize
And so on.

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History of naziru ahmed sarkin waka.

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