How To Make Body Shape And Breast Shape Easy

I’m sure there are tons of ladies who are in dire need of body care and breast enhancement products like no tomorrow, and are still looking for them.

It is very sad to say that your body smells, or that your breast (breast) has leaked and stopped standing even if it is not like when you were a girl. Don’t deceive yourself, I know, you know, we know, there is no way that the breast of a big woman or a married woman who is not breastfeeding will stand and look forward as long as she is not a virgin. You are an amazing thing; how can you see a young woman with a swollen breast, then you miss how she was careless and spilled. Whoever has this problem, I believe in God will feel bad, and I sympathize with her.

Anyone who has a problem with body odor, bone odor, or she is just ugly, I know she will also feel uncomfortable, and we must sympathize with her. Based on these reasons and those that I have not outlined, the administrator (admin) of this blessed house has found it necessary to do a thorough search on the internet and at the place of cloth suppliers to bring you a solution that you will not regret. I hope you mothers will give thanks to God and bless your children to study computer science to contribute to society.

Body Repair

Every type of body (whether male or female) has a great need to be clean and tidy, this makes cleanliness a part of religion. In their place, ladies and gentlemen, it is necessary to wash the body, wash it, clean it, spray it with perfume, while walking. That’s why we will bring you a collection of at least five types of body improvement supplements, and then we will bring you breast enhancement supplements.

Body Repair Combination (Milk and                     Lemon Cream

Well done, now I’m going to bring a kind of body care that is made with milk and lemon. In addition, if you continue to do it regularly, you will see that the skin becomes brighter.


You can’t even lighten it, even soften the skin. You see that it is eating for you, sister, your body has become soft without gaining weight.

How to Put It Together

First of all, when you get your milk, wet it and then squeeze this lemon juice of yours in it. After you finish squeezing, then mix. When you finish mixing, wipe your face, hands, and even your entire body. It depends on your need; If you want your hands and face to be bright and soft, then you have to wipe them, if you want to make it shiny and bright, you have to be determined. After you finish wiping, leave it for at least five minutes, then you can wash it with warm water. By the grace of God, as long as you do this combination regularly, you will see how your body will change.

Combination of Body Repair (Banana,                 Cinnamon and Honey.

I’m sure some people will wonder how to combine body care with bananas and skins? But following is very easy for him. Get two bananas, peel them and get one piece of bread, mix them together with honey and put them in a mamarkadi and mix them properly. Then it should be wiped wherever there is a need to be good on the body (even face and hands or the whole body). By the grace of God, this combination is more effective than the one we first brought to a woman’s body. And there is a need to wash it regularly, even if it is like 2 to 3 times per week. All of these two types of body repair that I have outlined above, no one has no effect on the human body.

And they are very many, but these are more kicking. You will see others once my findings come to their own, and they have been tested and proven to work. Now we are going to get down to breast augmentation, which I am sure many of the sisters would like to have the same experience that I am going to bring.

Breast Reconstruction


Breast is the decoration of every woman if you take away the decoration of her face and her name. Yes, most men, when they meet a woman, before they start looking at her face, they lower their eyes on her chest and then raise their eyes to her face. Don’t be surprised because you heard me say that because I’m a man too, I know it’s the case. Well, then there was the opposite, a woman’s chest fell apart and split, how am I? By God, she was upset, she wasn’t even a little upset, that made many women hunt for supplements that help to restore the firmness of the breast after it has spilled. And I don’t see their fault, because that is necessary because among men, no one likes a woman without breasts, unless he can.

Breast Repair Combination                                      Spilling


If you are one of those whose breasts are leaking, then this combination is for you. I know it hurts, but there is no way. Find a reason why; Wheat, peanuts, rice, raw rice, dried carrots (I think it will be difficult if you don’t buy it raw and dry it) Habbatussauda Hulba. Put them in one place, and then you use it from time to time, but often.

Combined Breast Reconstruction                              Mikakke

I’m sure you will be very happy if your mom who has spilled is smaller and you see it starting to fill out and stretch out. In order to be happy, you have to find; Millet flour, honey, milk, and onion. First of all, you have to get your onions straight, put a knife and cut them, put on fire, pour water in a pot and when it boils, add your onions. The water will return to the mouth (that is, when it is cooked), then turn it over, get a handful of millet flour, and a little canned a single peak of water) and your good honey.

You find them, throw them in the water, but choose the one that you can drink that day. After you mix them with the onion juice and mix it, let it cool down and drink it. As long as you dare to do this even three times a week, by God’s grace you will see a change.



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