6 Netflix Movies that will improve your Financial Literacy

Here are movies on Netflix you can watch this weekend that teaches financial literacy.

Trust no one: The Hunt for the Crypto King

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, QuadrigaCX, abruptly went down in 2018, leaving $190 million in user cash missing. The events that followed developed into a global financial thriller with money, murder, and mystery as its central themes.

In Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King, Gerald Cotten, the enigmatic creator of QuadrigaCX, takes us on a whirlwind voyage through the rise and demise of the company.The series tells the tale of how Cotten created the successful company QuadrigaCX, allegedly stashed $190 million in user funds in a network of intricate cryptocurrency wallets, mysteriously passed away in India, and left the wallets’ passwords unrecoverable.


This is all revealed through interviews with key figures and insiders. Trust No One raises significant concerns over the uncontrolled cryptocurrency industry and the risks of trusting someone you don’t know as the inquiry into Cotten’s passing and the missing user monies progresses.


Eat the Rich: The Gamestop Saga

The Netflix series Eat the Rich: The Gamestop Saga is a movie about the rise and fall of a video game retailer Gamestop. And how the amateur investors began buying Gamestop shares to drive up the price, much to the surprise of the professional investors who had been betting against the company.

successful professions and lifestyles around the minimalist movement, are the subjects of the television series. The two men discuss their journeys toward adopting this way of life. Interviews with professionals and regular people who provide insights and advice on leading a more minimalist lifestyle are woven throughout the series.

A few significant financial lessons may be drawn from The Minimalists, including being more mindful of our spending and buying items we only truly need, and living below our means rather than relying on debt.

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